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Awang Tengah’s Men,” Goodies Aplenty..”

In the previous article on Fort Betong Next we ended by highlighting this” [Always Remember though PBB will take care of their own traitors or overly ambitious men and BN Sarawak will still be intact.} ARE WE SO SURE NOW? BE … Continue reading

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  If ever the Opposition ever wins the Sarawak Election,  without doubt the rich natural resources will be taken away by the Semenanjung based parties.  That is the only reason why they are so aggressive in helping the local opposition candidates.  You … Continue reading

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SNAP vs Baru Bian… Aaaaaannnnnnd the winner is BN.

Look who’s smiling….. They are still at it.  News of PKR & SNAP still at each others throat, demanding for more seats is still rife. It is obvious that they still cannot agree on the seat allocations at the 11th … Continue reading

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