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  Photographs showing PKR supporters enjoying themselves in Never Never Land as if they have won the Sarawak Election 2011.  The Blue of the mushrooms makes them feel more at home…  But thats as far as their DREAM goes…. KEEP DREAMING PAKATAN!!! Why … Continue reading

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This is Malaysia, NOT Libya…

 An article from a blog recently reported that soldiers are resorting to “intimidating” tactics to scare voters in the interior.  If such incident did really exist, what is happening to our country?  We see this everyday in the news … Continue reading

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SNAP vs Baru Bian… Aaaaaannnnnnd the winner is BN.

Look who’s smiling….. They are still at it.  News of PKR & SNAP still at each others throat, demanding for more seats is still rife. It is obvious that they still cannot agree on the seat allocations at the 11th … Continue reading

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