What is he? ANGEL or DEVIL?

In todays newsprint, Dato Sri Dr James Masing hopes that Pelagus incumbent Larry Sng, partyless and not picked to defend his seat, would assist BN retain the seat.  Sources say it is amongst the tightest constituencies in the State Election.

However, Larry, via twitter on 4th April wrote “Will not be campaigning in PRS seats since James Masing has publicly announced that he does not need the Sngs’ to win in Pelagus”.  Prior to this news report, a source had already informed me that Larry had donated a large of chunk of money to the PKR candidate to show his support, providing more proof that he is not happy being left out of the election.

If this allegations are true, than this is just another case of sour grapes and with revenge in mind.  If BN wins this seat, the result will only backfire on Larry as it would close all existing door for his return to BN’s fold later.  Being young, enterprising and well connected, time is still on his side and should not let emotion rule his decision.  Let just hope its not too late for him to lend a hand to BN’s candidates.

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2 Responses to LARRY SNG : ANGEL 0R DEVIL?

  1. Ryna says:

    BN, SNAP sama sama tak boleh di percayai langsung. Abis dah tanah Orang Dayak kena ambil oleh semu ko orang. Bomoh yang tiada berpolitik pun Taib bagi tanah, kenapa tak bagi balik orang kampun semua tu?

  2. will says:

    i’m voter from N54 Pelagus. I want to make correction for your settlement above; Larry sng NOT donate / sponsor PKR candidate. Larry Sng and his father is sponsor HUGE amount of RM to support George Lagong independent candidate as they have family relation.

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