If ever the Opposition ever wins the Sarawak Election,  without doubt the rich natural resources will be taken away by the Semenanjung based parties.  That is the only reason why they are so aggressive in helping the local opposition candidates.  You have already seen them bickering yesterday about who should be the CM if the result on the 16th April goes their way.  DAP has agreed to appoint BB to the Chief Minister’s post if they win BUT not to Wan Azizah’s approval.   She wants the matter to be discus further.

This is already proof that the Semenanjung based Opposition Parties might do another Pulau Pinang here where the present CM is from Melaka.  Isnt anyone in PP qualified for the post?  Of course there are but then why waste the chance to control one of the biggest economies in Malaysia.

Since Sarawak is rich in a variety of natural resources, that in itself is a huge motivating factor for this group to nominate themselves for te CM’s post.  Proposing BB’s name is just a plot to pull in the votes.  When the time comes, they will announce a surprise name and it will not be BB.

Dont be fooled by their lies, promises and tactics from the opposition parties. Are they really going to or able to CHANGE the political and economic scenario here?  What have they achieve in the states they control?  Probably its CHANGE FOR THE WORST.

So vote diligently and vote BN.

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