PAKATAN IS THE BEST… at giving empty promises.

Election after elections and by-elections after by-elections have past, all kind of manifestoes and promises have been published and rallied.  But none have been fulfilled.  Promises of flood mitigation plans for Sibu, lower fuel prices, allowances for the “Warga Emas”, minimum wage for all Malaysians, higher oil royalties for Sarawak, land reformation and a transparent goverment have all come and gone.  If they cant implement in states not controlled by them, why is it not implemented in Pulau Pinang, Selangor and Kelantan?  Promising is one thing but being able to implement the promises is a harder act to follow.

The BN Government has, via the state and Federal administration has distributed the development equally and fairly to all walks of lives, encompassing all the different races and religions in the country.  The pace of development may vary in each states may be due to state priorities, geographical layout and demographic placement of the population. 

Devevelopment will slowly but surely reach the rural and interior areas.  Continued support of BN will ensure these waves of development reaches our friend in the interior.  The opposition are only interested to take control of the state for its rich natural resources.  Sarawak is a gold mine.  So keep it SARAWAKIAN.

Lets show and give our biggest support to make sure BN controls 100% of the DUN come 16th April 2011.


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One Response to PAKATAN IS THE BEST… at giving empty promises.

  1. anangngirau says:

    even my dog dint break promises!!!! bcos my dog is a clever!!! not like u!!!! wakakakakaka!!!!!

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